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Our Philosophy: Teaching through
Head, Heart and Hands

Through multi-faceted, multi-sensory learning experiences, teachers and students use various strategies to develop three distinct capabilities for thinking, feeling, and intentional, purposeful activity. The three fundamental forces are infused through the use of Head, Heart, and Hands or by developing thinking, feeling, and willing. 



Children develop the ability to think imaginatively which will empower them to receive information with clarity, comprehend situations to their fullest, and develop solutions to unsolvable problems. 



Children will learn how to become resilient to help them navigate tough situations in life and be sensitive enough to instinctively read between the lines of what is being presented. ​



Through intentional and purposeful play, children learn they can take their hopes and dreams and turn them into reality. Teachers foster an attitude of confidence and self-esteem within the children which encourages the child to will their ideas and dreams into existence.

Circle Time

In a Waldorf preschool, music, and movement happen throughout the day but there is also a special gathering each morning called circle time. A circle time is just a time of the day when you sing songs together, recite verses, use movement, and do finger plays.


In a Waldorf classroom, often stories are told rather than read from a book. While telling a story that the teacher has memorized, a relationship is established between the child and the adult, a relationship of the heart. Introducing subjects through stories engages children’s imaginations and strengthens their inner picturing capabilities–their ability to create a picture in their “mind’s eye,” an essential skill for creative thinking later in life.

Outside Play

Every day, children are free to explore, to run, climb, swing, dig, play, and get dirty.   We let nature provide the toys – bark from trees, pieces of moss, and colored leaves.  We have a large sand box, hammocks, swings, hidden fairy houses, and plenty of animals to love!  We go outside every day rain or shine!

Creative Play

Play is at the heart of our program. Children may choose to explore dramatic play, building activities and art. We offer simple, open ended toys made of natural materials such as wooden blocks, silks, shells, and stones. When play is allowed to be child driven, children learn how to work in groups, to share, negotiate, resolve conflicts, practice decision making skills, and learn self-advocacy skills.

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