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Mission and Vision


We are a nature-based, play-based, and Waldorf inspired program hosted at  Ballygrennan Farm. 


Our mission is to create a community in which we educate children with love and care, imagination and freedom; to allow them to realize their full potential as free human beings who will serve humanity through their deeds.  Children are allowed to be children.


Our vision is to create a Waldorf inspired nature-based program hosted at Ballygrennan Farm. A place where children can explore the rhythms of Mother Nature, develop capacities for lifelong learning, and where a foundation for becoming responsible stewards of our planet is layed. Through a balanced and developmentally-aligned curriculum, the Pleasant Valley Roots Program will create a strong academic, artistic and social foundation in which each student cultivates a capacity for independent thinking, compassionate feeling, and responsible action. To Inspire the child is to change the world.

Our goal is to bring a curriculum that balances academic rigor while striving to educate the whole child through art and practical skills, music, movement, and social and moral development that is recognized through a national accreditation.  We support the children in finding meaning and purpose in life with confidence and a sense of responsibility. As a nature based program, we value ample time to play and learn in nature. Nature is the central organizing concept of the program. That is, nature is the integrating thread that intentionally ties together our philosophy, methodologies, class-room design, outdoor spaces, and public identity.

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